Essel Transport and Logistics Software

Privacy Policy

The team of Essel Transport and Logistics Software understands the trust our customers and transporters showcase upon us and we have framed high standards of information privacy for securing the information you provide to us. Hereby, we insist you to read the information gathering and dissemination practices adopted by us.

  • Collection Of Personal Information: -  When any individual navigate our website we grab the browsing information in order to help you surf better according to your requirement so that you have a safe, effective, smooth and customized experience of our website. While helping you we capture personal information that is necessary for all the above stated factors. It is likely that you browse our website as an anonymous individual and once you revealed your identity we store your personal information in a highly secured database. If we engage in any sort of merger or acquisition then also we will ensure the confidentiality of the information we possess of different individuals. We will give prior notice to the users before transferring the collected information under different privacy policy.

  • Security Precautions: - We have adopted stringent strategies to protect the information from misuse, alteration, and loss of it. We have provided our users with secure server that help them in using the website in an secure server and through which they can alter the information given to us. We adhere to our policies and have adopted each and every required strategy to protect the information from unauthorized use of it.

  • Google Analytics: - We rigorously use Google Analytics and have implemented display advertising through it and an individual can opt out Google Analytics using the ads preferences. Third Party vendors have been contacted like Google to showcase our advertisements across the Internet. We have also third party cookies that help us in displaying the advertisements by analyzing the past visit of an individual on our website.

  • Your Consent: - By using our Website and providing the information you consent to the collection and use of the information according to our privacy policy mentioned on this page. If we are in any stage of amending the privacy policy then we will update about the same on this page so it is recommended to visit the page on a frequent basis to get updated.

We understand the importance of gaining the trust of our transporters and customers and therefore we have maintained a transparency between you and the privacy policy adopted by us so that we can have a smooth business relationship without any disputes on this front in near future.